Athania Primwood

I am a Paladin Eladrin


Athania Primwood
She will defend her allies with her stregth and her Rapier.


Found as child wondering the wild with a pack of wolfs, the Eladrin girl remember not but her name Athania Primwood, she was raised in a small village until the age of 16 and was known to be charasmaic and wise. She found a place in the town guard, she was well loved in the village for her sense of judgement.
Though she was happy and well loved she knew she was different from the humans who had raised her despite all there efforts to accept her as she was. She dicided to undertake a jorney to find those of her kind to see the people of her race as they were, she found her people in a walled city known as Alshikia a prominent city of the Eladrin outside theyre home of the fey wild and one rumored to follow the old ways, she gained access becuase of her race. She was takin before the queen of the city to get her blessing for residency, but on the way she noticed the shackles on the other races that inhabited the city and she tried to right off her suspisions and worry telling herself they were prisoners though she knew the truth, in her audience, a server tripped spilling the queens wine and she ordered him to be beaten to death as an example to the slaves what failing in there duties would bring them. As the queen laughed at the prisoner being beaten, a voice whispered Alithania’s ear, “You know this is wrong and you must act.” though it is not easy. Athania drew her rapier loping off one of the guards head she cought the other in the stomach before he could draw his weapon.
Taking out nine more guards before she was over taken, the frail old man she thought she had protected changed from an old man into the platnum dragon Bahmut who brought justice with him.

Athania Primwood

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